About me . . .

photo3I work in the School of Education at the University of Nottingham. My official ‘work website’ is here.

I worked previously at the University of Lincoln and the University of Leicester.

Before becoming a higher education teacher and researcher I worked for 15 years teaching in a comprehensive community college in Leicestershire. During that time I was an officer of my professional association and an elected teacher representative of Leicestershire Local Education Authority.

My research interests focus on both the school and higher education sectors. These include understanding the formation and development of education policy processes, educational management and teacher leadership, school and HE sector labour relations/teacher unions and the investigation of teachers’ work/academic labour through labour process analysis.

This site is intended as a broader presentation of my various work, and work-related, activities. The intention is to present work I’m involved with in a more ‘open access’ format, as much as I can.  Too much intellectual work is locked behind internet paywalls, or contained in over-priced books.  If you don’t have membership of a University library, much of this material cannot be accessed. My hope, is that this use of social media will engage with a broader audience than normally accesses traditional academic outlets.  Where I can make material openly available, I will do.  The site is intended to be an expression of my conviction that research, ideas, practice and activism must be connected.

There are occasional, conventional blogposts – but most posts are a way of providing other material, or linking to it.

Most of the material is related to my professional concerns and activities, but there is the occasional blog entry that is a bit more off-piste .  Please feel free to contact if there’s anything here you wish to discuss – please contact me through my University of Nottingham web page.

Latest book – ‘Organizing Public Education’ a four-volume collection (co-edited with Les Bell):

org pub ed