The genealogy of #GCSEgate

November 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

On the basis of an Amazon-style ‘customers who bought this, also bought this . . .’ then readers who liked my blog on the GCSE English fiasco, might also like an article I wrote a little while ago that offers a broader analysis of the politics that has led to #GCSEgate.  This appeared in Forum 53 (2) and was titled ‘Coalition Education Policy: Thatcherism’s Long Shadow‘. I’m afraid more recent articles in Forum are not free to download.

The article itself was written some time ago – and given the pace of change it has rapidly become quite dated in terms of detail.  The analysis. I think, is more enduring. Another article (Feeling the Crunch: Education Policy and Economic Crisis) was written before the current government was elected (Forum 51 (3) – 2009) – this is free to download.

I have been asked to write an article for a special issue of The International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives – this will appear in 2013 and will, in part, act as an update to the ‘Long Shadow’ article. I’ll blog about it here as I write it . . .


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