New Research Collaborative launched

July 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

TSRCI have recently been involved in developing a new Research Collaborative, through the Teacher Solidarity website, run by Mary Compton (Past-President of the National Union of Teachers). The Collaborative has been launched in the names of Lois Weiner, Larry Kuehn (British Columbia Teachers’ Federation), Mary and myself.

The aim of the initiative is to develop a repository of research relating to teacher unions, changing developments in teachers’ work and critical perspectives of education policy that impact directly on teacher unions and teachers’ work.  Specifically, the project seeks to make this research as available as possible, making use of open source distribution etc. In this way it is hoped that academic research becomes more widely available to teachers and activists, and that the unhelpful divide between academia and activism is bridged, in part at least.

Details of the Collaborative are here – and the Launch Call for repository items can be downloaded here –  Collaborative Call.

If you have work that you think could feature in the Repository, please send details to Ravi Kumar (contact details in the Call).  This will help build a really useful resource – and one that we are confident will be widely accessed and used.


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