Loughborough Education Question Time – making the education debate public

March 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

On Friday 20th March I participated in an Education Question Time at Charnwood College in Loughborugh. The participants were Christine Blower (General Secretary of the NUT), Nicky Morgan (MP for Loughborough and Secretary of State for Education), Matthew O’Callaghan (Labour Party PPC for Loughborough), Carol Leeming (community poet and artist), Samantha Pancheri (Green Party Education Spokesperson) and myself.

I applaud the NUT for organising these Education Question Times – there were at least four being organised on the night of 20th March.  This initiative is getting debate about education out into public spaces – there needs to be much more of this as current policy tends to close the spaces for debate down.

The whole evening was videoed – and what follows are a series of YouTube clips which take you through the evening – question by question.

Do Arts and Humanities subjects restrict career options?

Can we justify 500 new Free Schools?

Should employees be expected to do unpaid overtime?

Is it appropriate to test 4 year olds in school?

And some audience comments . . .


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