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August 26, 2015 — 3 Comments

Forum: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education has now been in existence for 57 years. It was founded by Professor Brian Simon as a journal to promote the emerging comprehensive movement in education – challenging the damaging consequences of fixed ability thinking and its most obvious manifestations, streaming and selection.


For all that time Forum has been consistent in its commitment to comprehensive education, in its broadest sense. It has also been consistent in its commitment to education as a public good – recognising that if we want to educate young people for democracy then education itself must be democratic.

Those aspirations certainly seem distant at the current time – we read about streaming in reception classes, government support for selection and every day more and more of our education system is handed over to private providers.

But Brian Simon recognised that the goal of comprehensive education would always be resisted, and therefore those who believe in it would always have to fight for it.  Forum continues to play a vital role in the battle of ideas over the future of our school system. In recent issues many of the key education thinkers have featured in the journal – you can see a full list of articles here.

We are now delighted to introduce a new internet-only subscription at the special price of £12. This provides online access to the journal for a year, plus access to all back issues (including those currently unavailable by open access). This is a special offer designed to make sure that the journal becomes much more widely available to teachers and others committed to defending and extending the vision of comprehensive education.

We invite you to become a subscriber.  Not only does the subscription represent exceptional value – providing you with access to excellent articles and powerful arguments in support of public,comprehensive schooling, but it also provides important support to the journal.

Forum is the only journal making the case for the type of education system you believe in, and it is needed now more than ever. However it must expand its readership if it is to play a key role in supporting the wider movement for a more optimistic and hopeful vision of education.  A subscription  is a very practical way you can help us build the journal.

To take advantage of this offer – please download the subscription form here and return to the address indicated – FORUM leaflet 4pp(2)

Thank you for your support.

Patrick Yarker and Howard Stevenson  (co-editors)


3 responses to Forum – Subscribe and Support: Special Offer!

    dancingprincesses August 26, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Thanks Howard. I’m very nearly convinced. What are your aspirations as editors to extend Forum’s reach to post-compulsory education – FE, 6th forms etc? The political arguments / dynamics aren’t so different, and a coalition across sectors is fertile I think? Joel Petrie


      Good points Joel – in reality Forum has always covered post-16 issues, although we recognise that FE has not been well represented – would be very happy to change that, perhaps with a piece re the dancing princesses – interested? Eddie Playfair is a great supporter – and wrote in the most recent issue. Absolutely agree with your argument that we need to look at how we build coalitions across sectors. Best, Howard

        dancingprincesses August 26, 2015 at 9:59 pm

        I’m happy to help Howard, but more happy to foreground others really – am well connected in Post 16 (at least in trade unions). Yes piece on Dancing princesses great, but am more happy to promote more general progressive educational causes – the book was just a manifestation of a general malaise. You have my email Jx

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