TES magazine: 1 June 2012 Your enemy’s enemy is your friend, unions conclude
‘Historic’ joint declaration released by NUT and NASUWT

TES Newspaper: 4 March 2011 Secondary heads pledge to fight for pensions
On eve of Hutton report, landmark survey shows 63 per cent will fight to keep final-salary scheme

TES Newspaper: 3 October 2003 Reps too busy to be bolshy The stereotypical union shop steward who harangues headteachers over staffroom conditions or workload is a fiction, new research suggests. One in fiv…

TES Newspaper: 26 February 2010 ‘Professionalised’ union officers ‘severely restrict’ teacher power Social partnership with Government sidelines members’ influence on decision making, argues new study

TES magazine: 14 September 2012 Ballot box to boycott – and action could ‘intensify’ Unions do not rule out strike as they declare joint campaign

TES Newspaper: 24 September 2010 When something’s got to give As Labour’s ‘softly softly’ approach to industrial relations makes way for a more confrontational stance, an incendiary mix of funding cuts, pension fears and academy expansion is adding to teacher discontent. In the second part of our series, Irena Barker examines the likelihood of a new era of unrest

TES magazine: 2 December 2011 Regional pay deals rear their head Chancellor risks further union wrath with plan to abolish national bargaining

TESS: 30 March 2012 No appetite for national strike action as ‘winter of discontent’ thaws Teacher unions opt for ‘quiet revolution’ in their pensions battle

TES magazine: 18 May 2012 NUT fighting talk will come to naught till the autumn June strike postponed because other unions ‘haven’t signed up’

TES magazine: 23 March 2012 The quiet revolution Teaching unions struggle to maintain momentum on pensions

TES Newspaper: 12 September 2008 Your workload: headteachers – Workforce deal has short-changed us, say heads TESsurvey reveals that while classroom teachers are benefiting from non-contact time and clerical support, heads and deputies are creaking under the strain of long hours and stress. Irena Barker reports

TES Newspaper: 7 January 2011 Get back to where we once belonged They may look and sound different these days, but with a determined Government embarked on the biggest school reform programme for a generation teacher activists may be making a comeback. And that’s if they ever really went away4 Comments

TES magazine: 9 December 2011 ‘Quiet revolution’ in legal dispute NASUWT members who work to rule may face disciplinary action

TES magazine: 31 August 2012 Union membership surges even as teacher numbers fall Increase of 37,000 linked to row over pensions, pay and conditions

TES magazine: 20 July 2012 Union backs Coop academies over ‘predatory’ chains They are a safe haven from privatisation agenda, it claims

TES Newspaper: 11 July 2008 Assistants are now a force to be reckoned with Without them, many schools would grind to a halt. But the timing of next week’s pay strike by support staff could lessen its effect

TES Newspaper: 2 September 2011 Labour promises to restore partnership with teaching unions