About me . . .

photo3I work in the School of Education at the University of Nottingham. My official ‘work website’ is here. My University of Nottingham site has full details of publications, all research projects and related material.

This site is intended as a broader presentation of some specific aspects of my work, and work-related, activities. In recent years my research has focused on the activities of those who are engaged in working for more public and democratic forms of education.  My interest is working with such people, teachers, students, parents and community campaigners, to ‘make education public’ – a radical vision that stands in opposition to the individualisation and marketisation of all aspects of education.

This site is intended to be an expression of my conviction that research, ideas, practice and activism must be connected. All the projects on this blog reflect a commitment to work with those involved in seeking to develop more democratic forms of education. The different list of projects can be found here – click on the drop down menu to see individual projects or click on the tags to see related blogposts.

I also blog at ‘The Conversation’ (my blogs here) and I tweet via @hstevenson10.

Most of the material here is related to the particular projects listed on the projects page, but there is some more miscellaneous work related stuff and also the occasional blog entry that is a bit more off-piste and personal.  Please feel free to contact if there’s anything here you wish to discuss – my email address is howard.stevenson@nottingham.ac.uk.

I have a developing interest, although not a developing talent, in photography.  No obvious reason for posting pictures on this site, but my Flickr albums here.